The Company

The company «ELECTRODYNAMIKI NIKOLINAKOS I. NIKOS» Μ.Ε.Π.Ε- under the distinctive title «ELECTRODYNAMIKI»- based in Keratsini on Demertzi 82 has as its main object the study, taking over and performing electrical installations.

Is adressed to individuals, contractor and contruction companies with extensive experience in industrial, buildings, highways, railways, tunnels, spots facilities.

To date, the company has maintained a steady pace of developement in the field of its works-services, with the result that its role in the construction sector is increasing every year.

The materials used by the company are sourced from well-known domestic companies, always in accordance with Greek regulations and international certification standards.

The primary goals of the company are :

  • The systematic control of the work and services provided

  • The continuous improvement of quality

  • The incorporation of new technologies into its activities 

Every work or service we provide is monitored at all stages of development and completion so that the result complies with the technical specifications, within the timeframes and at the lowest cost allowed.

In order to achieve its goals, the company is organized into the following departments :

  • Study and Design 
  • Offerings and Certifications
  • Field Application and Measurements
  • Supplies and Warehouse
  • Staff

The staff of the company is staffed by experienced engineers and technicians who are distinguished for their knowledge, professionalism and consistency. It is well trained, monitors and implements new technologies and techniques, in order to continuously improve the quality and the best performance of the provided services.