The company has a wide range of equipment that is constantly expanding, capable of supporting any type and size of work. Indicatively they are mentioned : 

  • ISOBOX mobile site workshops
  • CONTAINER type mobile warehouses
  • VAN type semitrailers
  • Lifting machine DAIMLER-CHRYSLER(950.53)/PALFINGER (PK11001C 2.250Kg)  (12,0m.)
  • Lifting machine DAIMLER-BENZ(609D)/MULTITEL(19ALU 200Kg)  (19,0m.)
  • Lifting machine (electric work platform MATECO ME62365 318Kg vertical height 10,0m.)
  • Oil-powered air compressor with digging pistol
  • Cable traction machines
  • Wire impeller unwinding machines
  • Portable electric tools
  • Toolboxes and hand tools
  • Cable Terminal Presses (manual, hydraulic, electric)
  • Electrical Installation Instruments (Earthing measure - Megger test)
  • Fiber Optic Welding Instruments
  • Certification Instruments for Structured Cabling Networks

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